02 November 2010

List #1: Inanimate objects that always make me smile

Inspired by this post, from a blog I've just recently stumbled upon. I'm going to make some lists.

1. Our Scion. I can't help it. I feel bad almost everytime it makes me smile, because I think "Love people, use things." But I love that car.

2. Sandalwood candles. It's more about the smell than the sight, here, but I enjoy a nice sandalwood.

3. The peony in our backyard. It means summer has arrived.

4. V's school pictures. I love some of the pictures I or others take of her, but there's something so timeless about school photos, it melts my heart.

5. My sister's family's dog, Rocket. (He's not at all inanimate, but c'mon...). Someday, we're going to get us a dog. Someday.

6. Dead squirrels. I know that this probably means I'll have life-long bad karma, and I don't care.

7. My mother-in-law's massive lotion collection. It changes every time we go there, because she uses it everyday. She has an intervention-worthy obsession with lotion, I swear.

8. A big field of sunflowers.

9. The number 9. It's been my favorite number since 5th grade, when I was student #9 on our classroom list, where we would take the little disc with our name and number on it and move it if we went to the restroom or to get a drink or whatever else we could do unattended in 5th grade. I like it because it's 3 squared, and it's not seven, which is an obvious lucky number, and it's not 10, which is boring. Don't you think?

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