04 November 2008

I have no idea what to title this one.

V has a new quasi-imaginary friend. I say "quasi" because this friend has a physical form, but it's not like a toy or doll or such a thing. V came to play with this new friend on her own: I had nothing to do with it, and frankly, I'm a bit concerned as to how this will all play out. This has been going on since Friday, when she and I were home alone all day. V calls her new friend Lady. Lady is often subjected to V's magic wand (which, not surprisingly, is a small plastic doll head on a stick). V will say Ah Hah KaBoom! very dramatically, and then tell Lady that she has been magically transported somewhere. Sometimes it's a swimming pool, or some dark scary woods, or the TV room. Very exciting. Today, V came home from school and said "Lady! How was your day? I was at school." It's sorta heartwarming. Sorta.

Here's a picture I took of Lady yesterday.

I told V that Lady's full name was Aunt Jemima, but that didn't matter. V just calls her Lady. So, um, what am I supposed to do the next time I make pancakes? Should I go back to the store and get some non-personified syrup? Can I in good conscience empty Lady onto my breakfast? Or will that not matter? And why is my daughter talking to food products?

Suggestions welcome.


Deron Arnold said...

I think this is the secret intent of all syrup makers.

Didn't one of them use to come in a container that was even in the shape of a woman (Mrs. Buttersworth?)?

I always thought she would make a good doll, albeit a little sticky.

Sam Kaiser said...

Maybe she'd be ok using Lady's syrup. It's her magic or something.

Just be careful, this could be the dawn of new friendships. Think of the possibilities with cereal (The Rabbit from Tricks, anyone?).

Megan said...

Hm...I'd say as long as V is okay with pouring a little bit of Lady onto the pancakes, nothing's hurt! And hey - this isn't an imaginary friend, exactly. This friend has a face, a rather friendly one!

Long live Lady!