27 April 2012


I loved X the Owl as a kid, but not as much as Henrietta Pussycat. I think that's normal. (I mean, I loved Henrietta Pussycat more than I loved X the Owl, not that Henrietta Pussycat loved X the Owl more than I did. Though that's certainly possible. I always assumed X the Owl was gay, though. Poor Henrietta. Meow meow boys meow).

When we play alphabet games, V and I often resort to saying x-ray fish. They are lovely little tetra fish you can see through, sort of, but I actually like fish x-rays much more. Check out these from the Smithsonian (ah! undulating eel!).
Now, if I don't have a lengthy-ish story to tell, I like to have at least three things that start with the letter of the day, as I'm sure you've all noticed. So I had to look some up, since I didn't want to use xylophone. But how exciting! You and I both get to learn new words!

  • Xylomancy is divination by examining the wood found in one's path. Marvelous! I must learn this and practice it constantly!
  • And I'm embarrassed that I didn't know that a xiphopagus is a set of conjoined twins joined by a band of flesh on the torso (like Chang and Eng!
  • Shaun would likely suggest that around this time of the semester, I am often a xanthippe, an ill-tempered woman. Really, that's a possibility year-round. 
  • I hope I never, in any capacity in this life or the next, encounter a surgeon's instrument for scraping bones, called a  xyster. I guess I'd rather hear my surgeon ask the nurse for a xyster than a bone scraper, though, when it comes right down to it. 
I can tell by the sticks in your path that you're unlikely to be either a xanthippe or part of a xiphopagus. Congratulations! And if you do tangle with a xyster, may it be very sharp and held by steady hands. 

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