16 April 2012

Nine, needles, nasty

Nine has been my favorite number since the 5th grade. I like it because it's odd, and three squared, and it has two "n"s in it. For ages, I thought I liked nine because I'm the 9th grandchild on each side of my family, but then I realized, a few years ago, that I had counted wrong. I'm the 10th on the Johnson side, and the eleventh on the Johnson side. Oh well.

Needles: aside from the occassional nasty accident, needles are my friends. My sewing machine uses them to magically help me make stuff; my sister knits wonderful things with needles; I love the smell of pine needles underfoot. Certainly one of the most useful of inventions. When I made my quilted duffle bag, I broke ten machine needles in the process: a clear record for me. My sister pointed out that it raised the cost of the final product considerably, but by the time I finished my sixth bag, I had only broken three more, so I think it will even out in the end. In related news, I'm wondering if I should get a serger. Any thoughts?

Nasty is one of my favorite words lately. "The dog smells nasty," "those shoes are nasty," "that is one nasty show." None of this is meant in any semblance of a positive way, unfortunately. "Just nasty."  "Don't be nasty." Nor is this intended to incite the ire or praise of Ms. Jackson. It's just surprisingly fun to say, with the n and the ass and the tee. Try it. You'll feel better.


Anonymous said...

I tried it! I have used nasty several times already today (I'm on the East coast so I got an early start) and you are right - I do feel better. Thanks for the the pick-me-up idea. You never know what tips for better living you will find in this blog. - Lesley

Anonymous said...

Noise comes to mind for me as the older I get I seem to appreciate more and more peace and quiet, especially of my home. One can tell I am getting older as I was once the queen of Foldorahl and cavorting, running through each day with reckless abandon. I like the nasty deal a lot Jen....Gma S.