25 April 2012

Kids Sewing Challenge: Days 2 and 3!

I was done with day 2 by day 2, I swear. I just didn't have time to upload the photos yesterday. (I may or may not have misplaced my camera for a day or two). 

 V's class is studying caterpillars/chrysalises/butterflies right now, so when she found this shiny butterfly fabric in my stash, she was certain she needed a dress. It's only a yard, I said. Well, a shirt then, she conceded.
 And because we were in a hurry, and I'm a rebel, and not too bright, I made it without a pattern. I folded it in half, cut a hole for her head, and slipped it on her. Then I pinned the side seams and the arm seams while she wore it (which I doubt she'll let me do again, since it caused a lot of little pokes on the way off), sewed those up, then finished the neckline and sleeve hems with a little foldover-foldover hem, and wa-la. A very pretty, non-skanky, shimmery shiny butterfly shirt.
And day three's project is less well photographed, obviously, so maybe for day 4 I'll try to get more, better pictures of day 3. But I made this hat, via Martha Stewart. It's totally reversible, and yes, that's robot fabric. Again. Anyway, I used interfacing on the orange fabric, since it's just basic quilting cotton, and I really liked how quickly and easily this came together. The brim is still a bit too floppy, but I'm envisioning a whole wardrobe of summery hats for everyone I know.

May your needles be sharp and your fabrics unwrinkled.

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