21 April 2012


In June, we will have been married ten years. More than a quarter of my life with him. 
 He's never been a flowers and chocolates kind of guy, but he'll put together a gingerbread cemetery with us after Halloween.
 And he doesn't like holding my hand in public, but he can sing a love song that makes me weak in the knees.
He pulls his socks up way too high, but he's a patient, gentle father, and a funny, caring husband. I've got plenty of romance over here.


Nancy said...

What a lovely post.

Anonymous said...

Romance is a good one and having been married for almost 44 years I would like to say we have had a bit of romance. But very seldom do we celebrate our anniversary in any way, just never seemed to have felt the need to do so. Steve once told me he has always loved me and anyone who knows me, knows sometimes I am not very loveable, plus we are extremely different personalities; but we would be truely lost without one another. Anyway thank you again Jennifer for helping me to think on things. Relationship is another thought provoker, oh boy! Gma S