07 February 2007


Since we named our child a letter, I should confess that I've always loved the word umlaut. I love how it sounds like what it does to a vowel: I love its simplistic little sideways-colon-ness. Perhaps someday when we have a pet again, we can name her or him Umlaut, and I'll get to say it all over town.

The cold is wearing me thin here, but I've been making lots of dolls and doing some embroidery, which is sort of new for me (the embroidery, I mean). I'll try to get pictures, though I'm not terribly proud of most of them since they are from patterns or other outside inspiration and not of my own devising. I mean, I'm still proud, just not AS proud.

In other news, I can barely contain my excitement for the new LOST episode on tonight! I so want to be a non-tv person, but it's just not possible with my lifetime companion, so I've caved in and now accept my fate.

V is walking now with a vengeance (hm. Maybe I should tell people that's what the V stands for), and it melts a momma's heart. We are better now, from my whiny last post, and thank you all for your support. I'm still trying to catch up but will very soon be there. To prove I wasn't making it up, though, here's a shot of V in the hospital crib with her Daddy looking on:

I know, I know, it's terrible, isn't it? But at least the sides are down, and she doesn't look so much like a caged zoo animal. Her arm is in the splint to keep her off the IV, which had been removed by the time I took this. And she was just mad for a second and then cheered right up, I swear.

Now, a more normal picture, showing off her sweet haircut and intense stare.

Isn't that better?