25 September 2006

Hey, nice airplane

V had her one-year shots today. Shaun kept saying "It's for the greater good!" in a rather dark, forbidding tone...though I know it is. At least I hope it is. This was much worse than her first sets of shots, because she looked at us with betrayal in her eyes this time: before it was always "Hey...ooh, shiny." Now it was much more "Oh, sweet holy moses, how could you two people who claim to love me allow me to be hurt in such a way???" Or at least that's how it felt.
I considered not immunizing (and I say "I" because I'm pretty sure Shaun never considered it...) but it didn't feel right to me. If she gets autism because of these, well, maybe I'll feel differently. Really, though, this was our best choice for our family, and I hope fate doesn't screw me over and prove me wrong. Mostly I just want my kid to grow up, be healthy, and not die of an archaic disease. Is that so wrong?
The airplane swing is Linus'. We just borrowed it a bit.

11 September 2006

Wedded Bliss...

So I was in a wedding on Friday! My dear dear friend Tami and her sweet man Josh tied the knot in a gorgeous ceremony, and I got to be a part of it, and whoo-doggies, I'm still tired. Anyway, on the way down, Shaun gave V her first lesson on how to ride in the front seat (which will happen in about 12 years). Don't worry, the car wasn't moving, and they were just waiting for me to come out of my 13th bathroom stop. I couldn't stop laughing at the two of them, chillin' in the front seat, listening to AM radio, talking about how awesome milk is (I assume that's what they were talking about...).

Here's a picture of the bride, for your viewing pleasure. This is right before the ceremony, when we were just trying to pass the time. Isn't she dreamy? I met Tami in college in 1991, and her wedding was a big reunion-esque affair, with many of our dear friends all together again. It made me lonesome for a time when we all lived together or nearly so, and had lasagna pot-lucks about every two weeks, where those of us on food stamps bought the food, and those who were not bought the beer. It was all very bohemian and idyllic and I imagine that's still how it is in the Cities, while I sit (mostly) lonesome in the north, thinking of the Glory Days (cue music). Every time we go down there, but especially this time, I vow to return more often, to stay more connected, and to tell these wonderful people how very much I love love love them.

And these are two of the beautiful bridesmaids (for some reason, I have no photo of me in the dress, so imagine this dress only bigger. But isn't it cute)? This is Jeni and one of the Heathers. Note their fabulous flower necklaces, our gift from the bride and groom (and our bouquets matched. Crazy).

Because we have a tendency to sequester ourselves (and I'm always looking for ways to save money), we stayed with our sweet friends Ed and Linda on Thursday and Saturday nights, and in the hotel only on Friday. Ed and Linda are two of the kindest people on earth, I swear, and whenever we're with them it's comfortable and fun, and we laugh a lot. V adores them both and really likes Bart, their amazingly well-trained dog. Linda made a cake for Miss V's birthday, and though she doesn't look it, V was very pleased indeed.

On Sunday, V and I got to play with Mary Ellen and Collin (as well as Steve, Joy, Susanne, Tenessa, and Linus) while Daddy and Uncle Dan and Uncle Andy went to the Twins' game. Here, Collin is holding Linus' Shaun doll, from a Jen & Shaun set we gave the Glees when they moved away. Apparently, the Glee household rejoices mightily and makes fun of us non-stop, using our respective dolls.

Whew. See why I'm still tired? I also managed to pack in a trip to IKEA and to S.R. Harris, the most amazing fabric store in the world. Of course, one might ask why I'd want to go to IKEA and a 30,000 foot fabric warehouse the same weekend of wearing 3 inch heels for a wedding, but if you DO ask, I'll just kick you with my bloody foot.

Crafty goodness, upcoming: some shoes for V, some more skirts (of course!) and a new dang stuffed creature, one way or another.

06 September 2006

Birthday Girl

We had a little party this weekend, as we are going out of town tomorrow (V's actually birth birthday). It was so awesome to see her open her gifts and get excited! And I can't believe I've been a mother for nearly a year, and how much she's changed and grown and...oh, mercy. This parenting experience is as profound as anything I've ever experienced. No wonder people are always writing bad poetry about it.

In lieu of bad poetry, here's a shot of V on her new scooter, with cousin Will pushing her at approximately the speed of light. I adore this shot, with the blurred backgroud, and Will's little head determined to push on, and V looking up a bit surprised at going warp speed for the first time ever.

Tonight, I want to make her a new pair of shoes, as we are going to the kind of wedding where a one-year old should probably wear shoes, and my one-year old should certainly wear shoes I've made. But I also have to alter my dress and learn to walk in 3 inch heels tonight, so no promises, baby girl.

Here we are in the firelight on Saturday, surrounded by people we love, close enough to the lake to hear the loons call (if it weren't for that cover band across the road...). My mom took this picture, and I love how V is peering up at her Grandmother.

In years to come, I hope I remember this birthday party, with all the joy she had in every gift, the amazement and patience she had with her cake, and the sweet way she curls when she falls asleep after being really tired. When she's 12 and I can't recall ever WANTING children in the first place, I really, really hope I remember this year.