25 September 2006

Hey, nice airplane

V had her one-year shots today. Shaun kept saying "It's for the greater good!" in a rather dark, forbidding tone...though I know it is. At least I hope it is. This was much worse than her first sets of shots, because she looked at us with betrayal in her eyes this time: before it was always "Hey...ooh, shiny." Now it was much more "Oh, sweet holy moses, how could you two people who claim to love me allow me to be hurt in such a way???" Or at least that's how it felt.
I considered not immunizing (and I say "I" because I'm pretty sure Shaun never considered it...) but it didn't feel right to me. If she gets autism because of these, well, maybe I'll feel differently. Really, though, this was our best choice for our family, and I hope fate doesn't screw me over and prove me wrong. Mostly I just want my kid to grow up, be healthy, and not die of an archaic disease. Is that so wrong?
The airplane swing is Linus'. We just borrowed it a bit.


Cricket said...

Congrats on being immunized, V!

You are so advanced. Oscar can only drive his car backwards and you're already flying a plane. Impressive.

Sorry we had to bale on dinner. Oscar was mucho cranky. Let's plan for next week. Same place, same time. No cranky babies allowed. I will insist that Oscar nap and be in the best possible mood.

captain caveman said...

i wasn't even aware that not immunizing a baby was an option. it's so weird when i find something out that i didn't know. i genuinely think i know everything. but hey, if V does get autism you can just send her to a special school and all you have to do to be able to afford it is take down an armenian money train. good luck.

the captain