31 March 2006

Three Little Bunnies

I made these with the pattern from the Wee Wonderful's site.

22 March 2006

Wee Beasties

From left to right, these now belong to Linus, V, and Christopher. We named V's Lump: Lump is a girl. The boys will have to name their own beasties.

21 March 2006

Blogland angst

First, I had no idea the enormity of the blog community I was getting myself into. No pressure: sheesh! Buncha geniuses I've wandered into here. Of course, lots of idiots too (with all due respect)...so I should fit in there someplace.

But I'm torn. On the one hand, I truly appreciate several blogs and several bloggers. On the other hand, I have a hard enough time trying to keep up with my real life, and I think blogging is another way we disconnect from real life, sometimes. Cell phones, TV, chat rooms....it's all away from the physical joy of wiping drool off my daughter's chin or taking my dog for a walk.

That said, I'll try to post a picture of some beasties I made recently. They make me laugh.

Okay, I guess I didn't have as much angst as I thought. Blog on, compadres, blog on.