03 July 2011

Other fantasies I like to entertain

So I wrote recently about my plans for winning the lottery. But wait, there's more! (there's always more....)

Anyway, with (nearly) unlimited funds, I'd buy a place like this, paint it in Edward-Scissorhands-like colors, and invite my friends to pick their own cabins. Wouldn't that be fun? We could have sun tea every day at two in the afternoon, and sit outside on metal lawn chairs and fan ourselves with paper fans and watch our dogs do cute things like wear funny hats and bring us cans of beer.  And on tuesdays, we'd have sushi on the roof of the larger house, overlooking the lake, and on Saturdays we'd have a big bonfire and burn old student papers.

As soon as my stupid state reopens, I should really buy a lottery ticket for once. I have so much to do.

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