11 July 2011

Gus the toad

Will, V and I rescued a toad from a window well in Fargo today. We brought him home, named him Gus, and let him go in the garden. But first we took some pictures. (Thanks to Charlotte for the inspiration).

 As a girl growing up in Hendrum, I played with toads and frogs as soon as I could walk. My daughter and nephew, however, have many more forms of entertainment available to them. This was, as far as I can recall, their first toad.

 "You touch him." "No, you go ahead."
 "His belly is squishy, but his back is rough," V said with genuine wonder when she finally worked up the courage to let me place him in her hands. I don't know how it is that I've raised a child with so little toad experience in her first five years.
Gus, to his credit, was very patient. And now he's free.


Anonymous said...

I wish I were as photogenic as Gus!!

Your aunt Shirley

Anonymous said...

that first picture is by far the best toad picture I've ever seen! -Meagan