26 July 2011

Puppy love

It's a little amazing to me how quickly he just became a part of our family; we were three, and now we're four. He's woven in to V's imaginary stories, he's a part of our morning/afternoon/evening routine, and when we're away, we all miss him. Life is too short to not share it with a dog, for me anyway.
Sweet Seven, we're so glad you're here!


basketballwannabe said...

I agree! He gets cuter every time you post a pic of him!

ilene said...

Cute, cute! I can't believe how much I miss my dogs, as much as my family while I've been away at school. And the dogs are happier to see me than my 14 yr old daughter...ahh the teen years.

Carla said...

What a cutie!