03 August 2011

Nebulizers are our friend.

V's cold has settled in her chest, and when that happens, sometimes, her lungs get all pissy, like "Nuh-uh." And then she gets wheezy. Sometimes really really wheezy. So last night we went to the walk-in clinic, because I'd rather spend an evening at the walk-in than end up at the ER at 3am.

Which is where we would've found ourselves, it turns out. Her oxygen was lower than the doctor cared for, so V got two nebulizer treatments there, and they sent us home with one of our very own (rented, for now, anyway). Neb treatments every four hours (including one at five am last night), then every six, along with a steroid, will hopefully kick her lungs into shape.

Seven's a little jealous of the adorable nebulizer, but hopefully in a few days we can send the penguin back from whence he came.

So pardon the light posting: I'm busy playing with plastic penguins and making V stop running around like a 5 year old so she doesn't wear herself out.

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