20 August 2011

Mushroom Party 2011

Gentle readers, you know we've had an ongoing obsession with mushrooms here in Languishingland.  Given the wet summer we've had, it seems the mushrooms have arrived early.

 Lovely stepping mushrooms, growing on the woodpile at the lake.
 This mushroom was all by itself, but lovely and creamy white. It was about 5 inches tall and 4 inches in diameter.
 The underbelly, or the gills, or whatever that part is called is my favorite.
 Especially when the sun shines through it.
 Today's last mushroom was tiny tiny tiny (as you can see by the blades of grass). Its stem is only the width of a dandelion stem.
What a perfect little mouse-umbrella. Aren't you excited for mushroom season?

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