08 August 2011

Look and learn, grasshopper.

To prove that Languishing's not just a pretty face, I've applied the same concepts that are discussed in this post, about flowers, to this cool grashopper I found on the side of a laundry mat. Don't you love it when ideas are transferrable?
 Okay, so he's slightly above my head, but I got as close to him as I could. Look at the variety of textures on his legs and wings. And the brick of the building? Fantastic backdrop. Thank you, Herr Grasshopper.
To follow my own advice, I tried different angles. The grasshopper is still above my head (I don't really like to touch grasshoppers. Perhaps it's from when I was little and we'd drive out to the farm and grasshoppers would leap on, over, and into our car from all angles. Perhaps it's because I once got a grasshopper in my mouth while riding on the open-cab tractor. Perhaps it's from the recurring nightmares), so I just stretched out my arms and shot him from above. I do this same thing when I shoot from underneath flowers, often: I'm lazy, so I just point the camera from below, take a bunch of shots, and hope it works out. And this top-down shot was the best of Herr Grasshopper from that angle.
 I pulled back a little, because I liked the perspective of the whole wall stretching out to the door of the laundry mat, broken only by this rogue grasshopper. If this were a soap opera, I'd focus in on the laundry mat door to show a disheveled couple leaving the building, trying to look nonchalant, and then I'd zoom back to the grasshopper. Dramatic! Confusing! That's how we roll.
And finally, the from-below shot. I love his red legs. Plus, I know this is why you come to my blog, people: to see fine examples of grasshopper butts.

You're welcome.


Carla said...

Why are you at the laundry mat?

Anonymous said...

Jennifer....GREAT PHOTOS!!! I don't care why you are at the laundry mat. Gma S