25 August 2011

Quilts of our lives, part 7-ish

This is an exceedingly simple quilt that I really like. I always meant to quilt it more thoroughly, but it's been put into circulation, so I haven't gotten to that. It's roughly a twin-sized quilt, and V uses it on her bed when she's not using the chickens.
 The pink, green, yellow, and blue are all the same pattern of a retro-remake kinda thing, and the white is a lovely medium-weight denim. Due to my tendency to sew through my own appendages, I tend to avoid white, but this quilt demanded it, and I think you'll find the blood barely visible.
 It's quilted in a simple grid pattern and then along the diagonals (the squares are 16" or better); this is just enough to keep the thing together, but it's clean and I like it.

This quilt has a nice cotton batting, so it's got a good heft to it. A simple, vintage-inspired quilt that I'm actually pretty proud of.

These....are the quilts of our lives. (I amuse myself).

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