30 June 2006

That's Egon, not Igor, thankyouverymuch.

This is what happens when the camera has red eye reduction in Egon's direction. Or sometimes when he's really tired. For those unfamiliar, Egon's a standard poodle, but we shave him down rather than do a "stupid poodle haircut," as Shaun calls it. His latest haircut was a week ago today. Some people (who shall remain nameless) have suggested Egon looks a bit like a particular person in Shaun's family...but I find this comparison rather offensive to Egon.

29 June 2006

Brought to you by the letter A

Via my dear friend Cricket at repurpose, a list of things about the letter A:

Things I like:
1. alphabet soup
2. aardvaarks (sorry, C, I'm not copying you on purpose)
3. apple pie
4. anticoagulants (well, I like the word, anyway. I don't know any anticoagulants personally)
5. Angry Chicken (the blog, not the mad fowl)
6. Albuterol (the medication, which I do know personally)

Things I don't like
1. asthma
2. asparagus
3. alateral sclerosis
4. ants

I adore alphabetica...as did Edward Gorey. Here is one example of his use of the alphabet as a framework. Delightful, Ms. Cricket!

26 June 2006

Well I woke up Monday mornin' with no way to hold my head...

...that didn't hurt. Listen, for the three or four of you reading this, I'm sorry about the lack of posting. We had a bad bridge, apparently, that would shut us out of the world wide web every four or five minutes. Then I'd have to unplug the thing, count to 6, plug it back in, and enjoy my four or five minutes of webtime before getting booted again. I know, I know....it's the saddest story you ever heard, isn't it? Anyway, it's fixed now. So brace yourself.

Speaking of sad stories, here's one of the few photos of all three of us together. It was taken on the Saturday before Memorial Day, at my 15th high school reunion. Of my 23 fellow Panthers, 4 of us made it. Ack...what a bunch of losers. But Barb, Lauri, Melanie, and I had a lovely time. Also, I had my first taco in a bag. That was probably the most memorable part for me. Meat...cheese...corn chips...all in one handy, portable sack. Mmm. I love bags o' tacos.

Craftily, I am anxiously awaiting the delivery of this, put-together book #1, from Wee Wonderfuls. And did you notice I figured out how to do in-text links? Soon I will become queen of the blogosphere and take over the world. I have been gathering up from my fabric stash the fanciest little bits and pieces to be ready when that booklet is delivered, so the sewing can immediately commence. I'll try to take pictures of the process, and maybe throw in one of the baby for good measure.

03 June 2006

Busy busy day

We had 2, count 'em, 2 parties today. First we had a pool party at cousin Will's house, with lots of pool toys and fun...It brought back memories of our blue plastic pool when we were kids. Everyone in the neighborhood would come over, and after a day the water was murky with grass and dirt from everyone getting in and out. Ah, summer.

Our second party of the day was for Miss Lily Moon's third birthday. More nostaglia here, because I've been to each of her birthday parties. The first one, I could drink the alcohol-laden slushie; last year I was 5 months pregnant but drank so much blue (kid-friendly) slushie it looked like I'd been chewing on a smurf. This year, I'm still nursing, so I still had to drink the blue slushie again. Hopefully next year I can drink from the grown up side.

Anyway, Lily's party was lovely: a medical-themed party, complete with guests in scrubs and hospital gowns, bean dip in an emisis basin, and a hospital shaped cake. When Tenessa and I write our party book, we'll have to have a chapter on the many uses of bedpans.

No pictures today, since I'm posting from home, but we have some great shots of the cousins in the pool. Plus, I think I figured out how to allow the comments through now, so COMMENT. Please. If'n you wanna.

02 June 2006

Ah, the joys of summer...

And my inability to post from home....This contributes to the lack of blog updates. But also, I'm lazy. At any rate, to quench your thirst (if anyone still checks this) here are a couple of new photos.

This one is Baby V meeting Lake Belle Taine, Memorial Day 2006. I think I'd taken her down to meet the lake last fall, but she was just a blob of goo still who couldn't really open her eyes. Look how interested she is now!

This is V's first boat ride, with the waters of Lake Belle Taine in the background. She didn't look around much because the wind freaked her out a little. And her lifejacket was a bit cumbersome. And she probably just wanted to eat a graham cracker and watch the Price is Right.

In other news, I'm wearing a delicious necklace my friend Jeni made. She is thinking of selling them: wouldn't you like to own one, too?

The final picture I'll leave for you is of the happy cousins, playing on our living room floor. I love this picture because V is throwing a mini-fit (actually I think she's maybe just passing gas) and Will is looking at the camera coyly. Isn't he coy looking? How adorable. Anyway, in 18 years when they graduate from high school, these are the pictures we'll have to drag out.