29 June 2006

Brought to you by the letter A

Via my dear friend Cricket at repurpose, a list of things about the letter A:

Things I like:
1. alphabet soup
2. aardvaarks (sorry, C, I'm not copying you on purpose)
3. apple pie
4. anticoagulants (well, I like the word, anyway. I don't know any anticoagulants personally)
5. Angry Chicken (the blog, not the mad fowl)
6. Albuterol (the medication, which I do know personally)

Things I don't like
1. asthma
2. asparagus
3. alateral sclerosis
4. ants

I adore alphabetica...as did Edward Gorey. Here is one example of his use of the alphabet as a framework. Delightful, Ms. Cricket!

1 comment:

Cricket said...

Oooooo! I love you for playing my game with me! I know you love alphabets, too...I fondly think of your alphabet poster that was on the wall in the entry to your place at the Brownstone. Good times, good times.

I love Albuterol and hate asthma, too! You can copy me anytime.