03 June 2006

Busy busy day

We had 2, count 'em, 2 parties today. First we had a pool party at cousin Will's house, with lots of pool toys and fun...It brought back memories of our blue plastic pool when we were kids. Everyone in the neighborhood would come over, and after a day the water was murky with grass and dirt from everyone getting in and out. Ah, summer.

Our second party of the day was for Miss Lily Moon's third birthday. More nostaglia here, because I've been to each of her birthday parties. The first one, I could drink the alcohol-laden slushie; last year I was 5 months pregnant but drank so much blue (kid-friendly) slushie it looked like I'd been chewing on a smurf. This year, I'm still nursing, so I still had to drink the blue slushie again. Hopefully next year I can drink from the grown up side.

Anyway, Lily's party was lovely: a medical-themed party, complete with guests in scrubs and hospital gowns, bean dip in an emisis basin, and a hospital shaped cake. When Tenessa and I write our party book, we'll have to have a chapter on the many uses of bedpans.

No pictures today, since I'm posting from home, but we have some great shots of the cousins in the pool. Plus, I think I figured out how to allow the comments through now, so COMMENT. Please. If'n you wanna.

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Cricket said...

Let's have lots of messy-water pool parties together. We can drink tropical drinks while the kiddies play.