26 June 2012

Ten years

Jess played "You are My Sunshine" on her guitar as my parents and I walked up the driveway into our backyard. Beth and Steve read for us, and Pastor Tim performed the ceremony. Afterwards, we all went out to  dinner to Timberlodge Steakhouse, and Shaun and I stayed in a Honeymoon Suite at Expressway Inn that I'd won at the wedding expo in January.  It was a fantastic day.

We all look like babies to me, now.
 Ten years ago today. It really doesn't seem like it's been a decade at all.
Then again, it feels like we've always been together. In a good way, I mean. I can't really remember life before. 

So much has changed for us, and our families. And marriage is hard, hard work sometimes. But this photo here, my favorite of them all, is still who we are.  Two dorks who really love each other very much. He is my sunshine, indeed.

For more photos and nostalgia, see here, or here. Or come on over and look at our photo albums.

21 June 2012

Pretty is as pretty does

Even if I think something's not very pretty, I try to take a close-up of it anyway, especially if it's a bug. There is beauty in texture and seeing something familiar in a new way, no matter what. I tend to find Dragonflies infinitely beautiful, but this one was gigantic and sort of sluggish and overly fond of our trash can (above). I love the lace of the wing, and the focus point in this photo, though, and if I'd gone with my instinct (ew), I never would have taken this photo.
I have thoroughly photographed Army worms (see here, and also here), and they still make me feel kind of ooky, but I find them to be dreamy photo subjects. Look at those long hairs! And the electric blue coloring! So pretty. 

I am constantly stopping myself when I say "yuck" or "ew" in my head and making myself fish out my camera. It's a good exercise in appreciation. 

17 June 2012

Summer excitement

Oh, bloggie. I know I've been away so long. V was done with school on May 31, and since then we've had so, so, so much quality time together. Like, so much. On Wednesday, my mom took V to Hendrum for a few hours and I almost ran away to be a Vegas showgirl. I had forgotten what it was like to not have a six-year-old with me every. single. moment.

I think about blogging every day, though! So you'd think I'd have some great ideas lined up for you! But you'd be wrong about that too!

Instead, just some photos from Friday's swimming excursion with the girl, the niece, and the nephew. And the grandma. And the dog.

Unplanned, all three kids brought the towels our friend Kathy made for them. Aren't they pretty, all lined up? Each with their name. I love them.
 V, having completed her first round of swimming lessons on Thursday, offered to teach her cousins how to swim.
 They looked on in appropriate awe.
 Seven got off leash at one point, and V and I followed him for 8 blocks before we caught him. So he was the same.
Trying to get a Christmas card photo is hard with a Grandma and three kids, because at least one of them is almost guaranteed to be crabby. But we had fun trying!