27 June 2010

8 years and one day

It doesn't feel that long ago when we gathered with our families, and Shaun made fun of my Swedish crown (he kept asking if I wanted to go to Burger King), and we promised to love each other all our lives.

We got married when we did partially because Shaun didn't have any health insurance, and because his grandfather died of a heart attack at 37 (and Shaun was 32), I was afraid for him to not have insurance. My work would gladly add him, as long as we got married. Plus we loved each other and stuff (though it still bothers me that we can get married and our gay and lesbian friends cannot).

I keep thinking I want to say something profound here, but given our recent circumstances, it all seems trite and goofy. The last eight years have been crazy, sometimes crazy good, and sometimes crazy not so good. Thanks for showing up in the backyard that Wednesday in 2002, Shaunsie. It's been a helluva ride so far.

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Tenessa Glee said...

Lordy, I love you guys. That's why I dressed up and took a picture of myself eating fake wedding cake. (Congratulations on beating some stiff competition for The Weirdest Thing Tenessa's Ever Done.)

I think of you approximately 25 billion times a second. If you constantly feel smothered by telepathic hugs, that's why.