20 June 2010

It's hangin'

Thanks for all the care, concern, comments, and calls, dear ones. Shaun got good rest today, and will have an angiogram tomorrow (which totally sounds like a singing telegram from a girl named Angie, by the way). If that's clear, he will get to go home tomorrow, with some new meds and follow up appointments. If it's not clear, he may be in another day or so, but even then there are treatments and plans already laid out.

Everyone at the hospital has been lovely, thorough, and optimistic. My last post was scary, I know, but I'm feeling much more hopeful, and much less afraid. We're lucky to have caught Shaun's condition at this point, and the medications are already making him feel better. We feel well cared for and well informed, and for that I'm thankful.

Our lives will need to change, regardless. It's clear we need to take better care of ourselves and each other. And I know this is terribly corny, but instead of the end of our old lives, which I bemoaned in my last post, I hope we'll look back on this week as a new chance, a new beginning.

Please know that if I don't return your calls or messages or e-mails, it's not that I haven't received them. I'll try to keep updating as we get new information, and I love knowing we're in your thoughts. When things calm down a tad (hopefully tomorrow or the next day), I'll work on getting back to each of you. Until then, thank you all so much.


christine F said...

Sorry to hear of your latest "scare" and all. Hang in there and don't forget to advocate for yourself, Shaun in regard to health needs and questions. As far as your concerns about your relationship, I nearly divorced my husband at year 7. It takes alot of work but we have been married 30years this past April so as they say "roll up your pants and slide on the ice".

Andrea said...

Good to hear you sounding optimistic and hopeful, and that Shaun is already feeling better. Has his care team said whether or not a cardiac rehabilitation program would be indicated for him now or in the future? (http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/cardiac-rehabilitation/MY00771) Programs like this provide supervision, support, and education to help navigate a new beginning. Call on me anytime if I can help in any way. Hope you're all back home together soon.