02 June 2006

Ah, the joys of summer...

And my inability to post from home....This contributes to the lack of blog updates. But also, I'm lazy. At any rate, to quench your thirst (if anyone still checks this) here are a couple of new photos.

This one is Baby V meeting Lake Belle Taine, Memorial Day 2006. I think I'd taken her down to meet the lake last fall, but she was just a blob of goo still who couldn't really open her eyes. Look how interested she is now!

This is V's first boat ride, with the waters of Lake Belle Taine in the background. She didn't look around much because the wind freaked her out a little. And her lifejacket was a bit cumbersome. And she probably just wanted to eat a graham cracker and watch the Price is Right.

In other news, I'm wearing a delicious necklace my friend Jeni made. She is thinking of selling them: wouldn't you like to own one, too?

The final picture I'll leave for you is of the happy cousins, playing on our living room floor. I love this picture because V is throwing a mini-fit (actually I think she's maybe just passing gas) and Will is looking at the camera coyly. Isn't he coy looking? How adorable. Anyway, in 18 years when they graduate from high school, these are the pictures we'll have to drag out.

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Cricket said...

Finally! I was getting a little worried that the image of V with an eye full of goo would be burned into my retina forever.

Super cute lifejacket. We are having trouble finding one.

Also, I keep posting and yet none of my comments show up...do you hate me because I get pink eye sometimes?

Later- Carla