29 September 2010

Annual Mushroom Festival

To revisit the joy of mushroom festivals of years past, please see here, here, and/or here. This post comes with special thanks to my friend Ilene, who generously sold me her Fujifilm S3000 for a reasonable price when I whined about not having a camera to play with. I don't even have to lick the batteries! (of course, sometimes I do anyway just for kicks...)

Craggly, been-around-the-world mushroom. I think the edges are lacey and lovely, and they remind me of a jellyfish. A tired, slightly overcooked jellyfish.

 I love the color of the creamy translucent stem. I call this one "mushroom in the universe." I especially like the little one on the left, which apparently burst from the earth so recently that mud is still clinging to it.
A giant mudslide pile of mushrooms. I think these are combining their forces to take over the mushroom world.
 And these just seem scared to me: huddled together with lots of space around them, they make up a mini-mushroom forest.

The color is very different on these next two: they came from the 35mm Olympus OM, and were taken out at the lake, so either the color's off on the digital, or in the 35mm processing, or the lake is a totally different shade of green. Your votes are welcome in the comments section.
 Teensy tiny baby mushrooms, for miniature smurfs, so small that they'll never get their own tv show, because we just don't have small enough tv camera people to film them.
That one mushroom in the center of the picture has a skewed view of himself and his importance in the world. But then again, most of us do...


Charlotte said...

I love the color of the last two. So dreamy.

ilene said...

I'm glad to see you are enjoying the camera! I always love your pics!

Trudy said...

I look forward to the mushroom pics! Don't know if you knew but I collect Gnomes and mushrooms=)