29 August 2009

Name that fungi

Remember last year's Mushroom Post? Yeah, me too. Wasn't that fun? It's made me want to take pictures of all kinds of fungeses. So far, though, they've been smaller and therefore harder to get underneath than last year. Even so, I have found about a dozen different kinds (or different looking) of mushrooms already this late summer. What do you know about mushrooms? Which ones can I eat? Which ones should I feed to my nemesis? Which ones should I sell on the black market? I know I could look this up on Wikipedia or some such thing, but I don't trust them. I trust you guys. What say you, fussy britches?
#1: Wee pine needle umbrella.

#2 Puffy roasted marshmallow-looking ones.

#3. This one wants to touch the sky. But it's only about 1/2 an inch tall.

#4. Sprawling kettle-cooked potato chip looking mushrooms.

#5. I can never find the gnomes that I KNOW live by these ones.
#6. These strike me as a higher-class mushroom than I'm accustomed to.
#7. Some craggier, less hoity-toity mushrooms than those pictured in #6.
#8. This may be the prettiest mushroom I've ever seen. I may need to get a tattoo of this one on my elbow. Your thoughts?


Megan said...

I'm not so sure I'm sold on getting tattoos of fungi - especially on one's elbow.

But if that's what makes your skirt flutter, then you just go for it :)

Anonymous said...

Our library has an amazing mushroom identification guide that includes edibility. I think it's the "Audubon Society Guide to North American Mushrooms." It's a little overwhelming, but very good. It's very difficult to properly identify mushrooms without seeing them in person, so don't take just my word for it, but I think #7 might be a shaggy mane 'room which is not only edible but supposedly very delicious. - Meagan

Jenn said...

Hello, Jen! I have not left many comments on your blog; I tend to not check it for awhile. Then I get to savor all the wonderfulness of many posts in one sitting! Several of the things you mention about V resonated particularly. However, I am fascinated by tattoos, as you well know. Mushrooms on a professor...well, even I hesitate unless it's covered all the time. I can't recollect your elbows though, so I'm thinking I'm not far off in thinking long sleeves are your norm. Anyway, I spent a lovely afternoon reading your summer posts today. Thank you!

CrystalRae said...

I'm gonna head and call #3 the Over-achiever mushroom. I deem #7 Thatched Roof, Vegas-Cabana mushroom. I call #5 Duuuude....do you see that? And #4, the Slick when Wet variety, or, the Early Bon Jovi shroom.

Now, onto other sites with pictures worth naming. I love working in the Learning center for 15 hours a week!! :)

Anonymous said...

Scratch that - #6 might be a shaggy mane, I'm not sure I'd eat #7. :) - Meagan