02 August 2009

Like aunt, like nephew

What is it about tractor tires that inspire photographs with children? Is it their appealing roundness? The implied work ethic? Is it to prove that yes, indeed, we're farming people, and we're proud? I know Will loves all things related to vehicles, particularly large vehicles. Here he is, age almost-four, at Harrington's farm this summer. The look on his face is, I believe, barely contained joy, and a barely contained desire to run around the farm as fast as he can.And here I am, around 15 months, late summer/early fall 1974. Jess probably wasn't born yet. It looks like I'm just propped up against the tire, ready to take off toddling across the field as fast as I can.

We are simple people. It takes so little to make us happy. A big tire and space to run? That's all we need.


Anonymous said...

Love it!

Your aunt Shirley

Nikki Cardigan said...

What a gorgeous connection to make.