04 August 2009


It was hot, damn hot. Luckily, I remembered I bought a pool at KMart on clearance last fall. It was $8.It took forever to fill with just 4" of water. But that was all V needed. The pool didn't stand up too well with just 4" of water, but V didn't mind. She likes to pretend to be a mermaid, but she doesn't like to get her face wet. As you might imagine, that complicates things.Still, mermaids have lovely wet hair. Now, some mermaids lean back and get their hair wet from that direction. Some less brave, less innovative mermaids.Not V though. She's a front-facing mermaid, and managed to do this without initially putting her face in the water. Of course, it's hard to keep one's face dry when one dips one's bangs in the pool.
But real mermaids get over it quickly. There's $8 worth of pool to enjoy, after all.

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Angie N. said...

She is, truly, beautiful! Love the hair. I asked V if I could have some at Mom's the other weekend and it was a no go......