31 August 2009

First day of preschool, year II

Last year, it was all so new and exciting. This year, we were all so ready for preschool to start again. Seriously. Please. Give this child something else to do so I don't have to talk about Star Wars or hear a story about Cow the Washcloth Puppet for FIVE FRICKIN' MINUTES.
Still, I had trouble sleeping last night. Will she make friends in her new classroom? Will she have space to go and calm down if she gets upset? Will her new teacher think we're crazy? Will she sing the Addam's Family song on the first day of school? If so, would that be good or bad for her social life?
Look at this almost 4 year-old girl. She's not a baby anymore. She's a kid proper, with a backpack that won't fit her next year, a glow-in-the-dark sweatshirt, and a silly confidence about her that is both darling and disarming.
I hope she has a fabulous day, and can hardly wait to hear the stories she'll tell us. Provided there're very few cows or Star Wars characters involved. Of course.


Sam Kaiser said...

Cow the Washcloth puppet? Good lord.

I'm guessing she'll be the cool kid in class. Who else in that room has a mother that kicks ass and takes name playing Resident Evil? Certainly not the weird kid in the back eating his own hair and drawing pictures with only brown crayons.

Dawn Mason said...

How did it go?