25 August 2008

First day of pre-school

Shaun said to V this morning, "Are you excited about school? You're going to meet so many new friends."

"And boys!" V said.

Maybe this preschool thing wasn't such a good idea.

Truly, though, I don't know what on earth made her think "friends" didn't include boys. Most of her friends ARE boys, actually.

When he picked her up, Shaun said, "Did you meet any boys?"

V said, "Yep. And girls, too." So I guess that's good news.

Today went really, really well. She waved us away as soon as she got to school, and though worn out afterwards, she seems really happy with the whole deal so far. I hope it lasts. As a bonus, I didn't cry, either.

But look at her up there on those lousy crumbling front steps of ours. I feel like in 10 minutes we'll take her first day of junior high photo there. I know it's that stupid parental cliche, but she's growing up so quickly. She'll be three years old in less than two weeks. How did this happen? I still feel like such a new parent: I have no idea how to do this right!

But most of the time, I just feel so lucky to know her.


Megan said...

So well put. I think back on the days before our little man - they seem so hollow. Well, except for those glorious hours of sleeping in past the crack of dawn. Sure do miss lazing in my bed til noon.

Anonymous said...

Dear V, I just wanted you to know I am sooooo excited about you going to school!! I think you have the best backpack in all of Fargo/Moorhead and it was made by your mom. I had so much fun with you and your grandma when I came to visit and mostly enjoyed our "talks". You are very special my dear. Grandma Kathy

Tenessa said...

This makes my heart grow three sizes. I love V so much it makes my tummy hurt.