09 August 2008

Backpack, backpack

As promised, proof of the Backpack I Made Without A Pattern, modeled here by the lovely V, and V's assistant, Baby Head.
Note the straps: they're not adjustable, but I measured them to fit her, and barring a Robert Wadlow-esque growth spurt, they should last until kindergarten.

Here's the back: there's nothing in the backpack here, so it hangs kinda funny, but the bottom is square. V picked out the fabric, a vintage canvas-like cotton, by saying "The puppies. Woof woof." She originally said she wanted solid orange, but I didn't have any in an appropriate weight. She picked the green for the V, too, which I traced from a large scrapbooking letter and used lightweight heat n bond to stick in place, before zig-zagging around the edge. The photo makes the greens look more clashy than they are in real life.

Back to V's assitant (you didn't think I would just let her slip by us, did you?). Her full name is Plastic Baby Doll Head, but V generally shortens it to Baby Head, or just Baby. Baby Head came with us to the grocery store today, and had a drink of water in the water fountain, and tried a doughnut hole from the bakery. Baby Head has a very high voice and a dry sense of humor, as you might imagine.

I know that this is odd behavior. I swear I did not encourage her to seek out this strange plaything (as opposed to George Washington, which I kinda forced her to love). One day she was looking through some of my craft supplies, and said "Oh, can I play with her?" I was not about to say no. It's so very Wednesday Addams, isn't it? Or the opposite of Wednesday Addams, since she had a headless doll, and V has a bodyless head.

Parenthood rocks.

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Anonymous said...

Jennifer....You must be one of the most talented women I know and even of those I don't know!!! I absolutly adore the backpack and what a fortunate young lady V is to be sporting such a backpack...love the color and design, especially the large V on it. Have enjoyed the pottytraining strategy...just been through this all with the twins who had their potty chairs in any room that was good for them and now are, as they say peeing like a "careful man Grandma" and they are for the most part doing just that. I personally feel the head of a doll is the most important part of the doll...it is all in the eyes you know, and that rest of the doll is overrated anyway. Love you folks....Grandma Kathy S.