23 July 2008

Skol, Mr. President.

Mr. President: "Excuse me, sir. May I please borrow your hatchet? My father has this pesky cherry tree that I feel compelled to chop down."

Ragnar (in Norweigan): "What? Hatchet? This is no hatchet, man! This is a battle axe! For maiming and so forth! Not for cherry trees!"

Mr. President: "I cannot tell a lie. I thought it was a hatchet.

Mr. President: "So can I borrow it or what?"

Yes, our mystery president is none other than the original George W. His hangtag indicates he is one of a series of presidents, including (but not limited to) Nixon, Clinton, GW Bush, Kennedy, Jefferson, and Grant. I want to work at the company that looks around the brainstorming table and says, okay, guys, we need a new stuffed toy. Bunnies? Puppies? Ah, Presidents.

The Viking is Ragnar, per his hangtag. It doesn't say "Minnesota" on his tag, but the purple plastic battle axe makes it clear that he is pro-football material. FYI: Historic Ragnar; Today's Ragnar. Unlike Washington, Ragnar is not entirely child-friendly, because when your child decides it's time to throw a toy across the room, you don't want to be on the receiving end of the battle axe. I just love his little fur-lined boots, so he's staying.

Didja all see Megan's comment regarding Velma and Washington's dialogue? Hi-larious. Megan already quit her day job, so I'm gonna have to quit mine and we'll write hilarious children's books. About presidents and vikings and 1970s characters. You'd buy one, wouldn't you?


Mike Valentino said...

I learned something today. Ragnar is my new hero. Thank you for teaching me.

Megan said...

I'd like you to know I am now obsessed with Pioneer Woman's blog. Thank you very much. As if there wasn't enough floating around cyberspace for me to waste time on.

Oh well...whatever will be, will be.