22 July 2008

Doll introductions

I've had some luck (or, as Tenessa and Shaun would call it, compulsive episodes) at the thrift stores lately.
Here, a beautiful case for a hair dryer. The dryer was actually inside, brand new with instructions ("portable, so you can go about your chores while your hair dries!" ca. 1968), but since I own a nice hand-held model, I left it at Savers and just took the case. It is so shiny and unmarred that I am tempted to just put it on a shelf. I have too much crap, though, to just put this kind of thing on a shelf. It will be filled by tonight, likely with zippers and/or binding tapes. Or I could let V use it for overnight trips. Just kidding. It's mine, mine, MINE!

For some reason, I cannot resist dolls of real people or of characters that are not normally thought of in doll form. The two newest additions to V's collection:

"Jinkies! I'm so pleased to meet you, Mr. President!" (Can you tell which president it is?)

Since my official school vacation (aka summer) begins on Thursday, I am tempted to start a series of photos with captions (aka stories) with some of V's more memorable toys. I'm inspired by Dare Wright, but with less class. Obviously. Send story suggestions/ideas of what this president might say back to Velma. I need help here, people.



Deron Arnold said...

Hi cousin!

Hmmm. Late 1700's maybe very early 1800's. My guess is John Adams, James Madison, or George Washington. Doesn't look like Jefferson or Monroe.

Love the Thelma doll. "I can't see anything without my glasses."

Megan said...

Regardless of his name, this president appears to be of a certain grooming era. Therefore, something like, "Powdered wigs were not made for sleuthing canines in the first place! I'm so pleased you returned it to me," might be appropriate!

Tenessa said...

As usual, I cannot tell whether you are soaring to new heights or sinking to new depths. Carry on, wayward mom!