14 July 2008

Emmy, part deux

So I know I've rambled on about other things, but of course the big news continues to be the newest member of the family, Emerson Claire. As my sister's daughter, she is my first (and so far only) niece. Because I'm dorky this way, I thought all we Johnson women should take a picture together. Here is Myra, her daughters, and her daughter's daughters.
Here's Emmy ready for her public debut, her online nursery photo through the hospital. We all agreed that she looks lovely in turquoise. Her dolly is from our dear family friend, Carla T. Isn't it amazing how much more real a baby looks in real clothes? Here, Emmy gets to meet Uncle Shaun for the first time. Aside from V, almost every other child who has met Shaun tends to either run in fear or cry, or both. Emmy did neither, and I love this series of pictures capturing that moment. Here's my interpretation of her thought process.

"Oh, jeez. Who's this joker?"
"Oh, hello."
"What the heck was that?"

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