27 July 2008

And my one regret is leaving you behind...

I had all these good intentions to have a blog post on Friday about my dad. Friday marked 6 years since he died, and I wrote an article for the paper version of Languishing detailing that day in 2002. I figured I’d reprint that, with a small preface, and call it good.

Except my organizational skills are nonexistent, and I can’t find that article for the life of me. The only years of Languishing that didn’t translate to this new laptop from the old files were 2002-2003; I have paper copies of every issue ever published, except from those years (I’m starting to feel a little paranoid, frankly). And because I was sure I would have no trouble finding this heartfelt, fairly decently written account, I didn’t prepare anything else.


It’s a weird thing my family does, I guess, keeping track of death dates (do other people do this?) and there are many dates of memorial through the year. Every November 19, for example, I’m pretty sure at least a few of my aunts, uncles, and cousins are thinking along with me of my grandfather, who died in 1979. And though we had other things on our mind this Friday, my mind was drawn back to that day 6 years ago many times.

I am not going to attempt to recreate the article: I know I’ll find it eventually, after all, and I’ll print it again then. But I did want to mention that he was a good man, and smart and hilarious, and loved his family and friends deeply. He would have adored his grandchildren. I miss him every day.


Megan said...

As someone who has recently started to think about coping with the death of someone close (thanks to you), and as a daughter who is very close to her father, I'm extremely interested in reading this piece.

Find it quickly, please! :)

Dawn Mason said...

Hi Jennifer,

I have the same feelings about my dad, and I think he also would have loved seeing his grandkids. I remember the anniversary of his death (Aug. 25th) as well as many other difficult dates during his struggle. Megan (4 in Oct.) has recently become fascinated with the idea of death, and she knows or knows of several people who have died. We recently had the following conversation:

Megan: The old Shirley (one of my mom's coffee buddies), she died.

Me: Yes, she was very sick.

Megan: And grandma Beulah died.

Me: Yes, way before you were born.

Megan: And grandpa died.

Me: Yes, he would have loved to see you and Max and Mark.

Megan: And grandma died.

Me: No, grandma didn't die!

Megan: Almost!

I've enjoyed reading your blog. Congratulations to Jessica on her new baby girl. What did they name her?

Megan said...

It's been almost 2 weeks since we've heard from you. I'm missing my Languishing fix. Is everything ok?

Deron Arnold said...

I remember your dad fondly. My dad enjoyed playing cribbage with him.

It sucks losing a parent.