11 August 2008


They often hold hands. If one is in the stroller and one is walking, they still hold hands. My heart grows three sizes every time that happens. They are each other's best friend.


Megan said...

I have a cousin who is only 3 months younger than me. We also both grew up in the same tiny ND town (about 400 people!). It was such fun to have someone so close to your own age to bond with!

V is so lucky to have a cousin like this!

Dawn Mason said...

When Max had heart surgery at 3 months old, Mom and I took care of Mark (3 mos) and Megan (5 mos). We would often lay Mark and Megan down together on the floor. When we checked them, they would be holding hands too! I know what you mean about your heart growing 3 sizes! They still seem to retain a special bond today at nearly 4 yrs. Fortunately, all 3 get along well together and are good friends.