21 August 2008

A couple weeks of catch-up

I know I've been gone awhile. Faculty inservice started this week, and it's always a shock to my system...and Shaun's, and V's. So let's recap.

V uses the big girl potty at Mexican Village South
Pile of kids in the bathtub, as their doting mothers look on.
A Mama Long Legs at the lake
My wounded finger from awhile ago (it doesn't look this bad anymore. Honest). There's a needle-sized hole all the way through there, under the skin.
V learned to love the lake. A lot.

The grandmas and the cousins. I love this picture because it's so chaotic...like life at a lake with two almost three year olds.
V had another Senior picture taken.
My beautiful girl. (less than an hour after this picture was taken, she had a total meltdown at a nearby restaurant and wouldn't stop screaming until they brought her ice cream. Nice. But she is still beautiful.)

1 comment:

Megan said...

So would you care to tell us how you know that is a Mama Long Legs, dear Jennifer??

Oh, and don't you just love the sunshine-filled chaos of cabin life? There's nothing that drains stress better than a day at the lake...no matter what the weather chooses to do outside.

Happy Friday :)