26 August 2008

Meow Meow cat witch, meow.

So I added a button to my blog. It's "Save Mister Rogers' Neighboorhood," because apparently PBS plans to pull it to weekends only in several markets. I don't think that's okay, so I want to try to help. Click on the button to find out more.

We watch more TV than I'd like at our house, and a lot of it is kid-friendly and fairly mild. Still, there is nothing on earth that I've found calmer than Mr. Rogers, and he isn't mind-numbingly stupid, either. The Big Comfy Couch? Rather insipid, really. Wow Wow Wubzy? Yeah, um, no.

But Mr. Rogers, with the tour of the teddy bear factory? Mr. McFeeley's Speedy Delivery? Trolley and the land of Make Believe? X the Owl and Henrietta Pussycat? Yes, thank you. It is an oasis in television land, and I want it to stay.


Deron Arnold said...

I loved the land of make believe...all except for the one who ran that museum or merry-go-round or whatever. I thought she was mean.

Anonymous said...

I love Mr.Rogers and just Monday I had it on while caring for the two grand baby girls. We watched his visit to the elephants and how they give them baths. I was glued to the t.v. more than they but it always brings back good memories. More than "Electric Company" Yikees!

Megan said...

After seeing the button on your blog, of course I had to go check things out for myself. I was stunned! How they can even think of not airing Mr. Rogers episodes is beyond me.

I emailed our local PBS station in support of Mr. Rogers. And I've posted a button to save Mr. Rogers on my own blog.

Growing up in rural ND, we had only 5 tv channels...PBS being the only channel my strict mom could feel comfortable about leaving on and still leave the room. We adored Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers!

Oh. Ugh. Don't even get me started on how much I despise The Big Comfy Couch. YECH.

Sara Whitney said...

Went to the site. Protested. I told them I was no book restoration specialist, but I loved Mr. Rogers.