29 August 2009

Birthday girl

The first time I met Crystal, I was 9 1/2 months pregnant, and it was the first day of faculty inservice at my new job. She was wearing one of my favorite t-shirts, and I thought she was probably too cool to be my friend.
I was wrong. I mean, she is very cool, but she's become a dear friend these last 4 year. Our office cubes faced each other until this semester, so we were practically roomates at work. Out of seven full time faculty in our department, we're the two with MFAs. We went to the same graduate school; we both have one younger sister. She's in a band and is, I think, even more optimistic than I am about teaching and the world. Aside from the fact that my job lets me discuss topics I'm passionate about all day long, it also brought me together with some fantastic people. Through Crystal, I met Todd, above.
And Nancy, whom V calls "Mancy." (I've got a similar shot of Nance holding V when V wasn't even a year old yet...I should find that)Shari, whose new office is next to mine, and whose music I can hear wafting in through the open ceiling. It makes me happy to be her neighbor. K.C., who should consider unclehood as a profession.
(I've got photos of Sue, Joyce, and Fej, too, but I should get permission before I expose them to my immense blog readership.)
I miss my old friends who've moved away all the time. But I feel so, so blessed by my new friends.
Happy birthday, Crystal Rae.

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CrystalRae said...

Well, gosh, gee, and golly I feel special to have been the girl with the birthday, earning me post-title honors. Those are some great photos, though I must admit it's weird to have someone point out, through photography, that Todd and I are slowly becoming that couple who carries their bodies in the same way, sitting so politely as we are, with our hands on the table. You are my good friend, too, and in this post, we all just look like beautiful, kind, loving, and happy people, which is what we really are, even though that's not how we always seem when we're working. :) It takes a good writer and a good picture taker (or one who's not intersted in making much money . . ) to portray her friends in their good lights. I'm honored, and will never be too cool!, to be your friend!!