19 August 2009

V loves IKEA

We went to the big Cities this weekend, and saw about 1/4 of our dearest friends in what turned out to be a bit of a Saturday-Sunday marathon. We saw the Gem*elke-Lees, the Spo*hrs, some Smiths, the S*undse*ths, the P*atricks, Uncle Steve, another S*und*seth, and IKEA. I have a handful of photos to share from the Pat*rick/Sund*seth visit, but they will have to wait. I mean, lookit that first picture. V's doing her "I'm so excited to be at IKEA!" dance. V and Shauners visit about our big trip.V finds Swedish Snoopy adorable (what would my Grandpa Art say? Besides uff da or ... valsinga gud...or...dang, I don't know much Swedish) V loved this area the best: "Daddy, it's all for kids!" she said excitedly, just before her nap.

Overall, we had a lovely time. And those of you we didn't see, we'll catch you the next time around. After we've recovered a bit. If you'd meet us in the kids' section of IKEA, that would probably help, too.

Oh, and also, yes, I made V's clothes in these pictures, and yes, that shirt covers her belly, if she's not dancing around or being a doofus. Which is pretty rare, come to think of it.

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Trudy said...

ikea is one of the best places on earth!