12 August 2009

Flowers for Myra

My mama's off on vacation, on a car trip to New York State with her dear dear friends. She'll be gone two whole weeks, and we already miss her. When my parents got married, my dad was already 40, so they wanted to hurry up and have children (my mom was only 27). They planned to travel together once we were grown, and they had retired. Besides, at 40, my dad had traveled throughout the US, and served in the Navy, building swimming pools in Cuba and Morocco. Anytime my mom said she'd like to go someplace, he'd say, "I've been there! Let me tell you about it instead."
15 1/2 years later, he had a stroke, and we were still far from grown up. Not only did they never get to travel together, but he couldn't even tell her about all the places he'd been anymore, because of aphasia.
Four years after the stroke, she took a trip to Lake Tahoe for work, and she came home so, so happy. Travel suited her, and she'd finally seen what she'd been missing.
When he died in 2002, travelling kept her busy, and though her friends and family teased her (because seriously, she was going all the time!) we were glad she could go. She's been to Alaska, California, Oregon, New York, and everywhere in between.

I hope this trip is at least as fun as the others have been, and I look forward to seeing her when she gets home, all aglow from adventure, good company, and many miles there and back.

flowers are all from Myra's garden, as photographed by her. I'm not weeding the flowerbeds while she's gone, either. Correction: As my sister pointed out in the comments, some of the flowers are in Jess' garden. Sheesh. All these territorial gardeners.


Trudy said...

My father was 42 when I was born so I had an older dad as well. My parents were 11 yrs apart in age. The flowers are beautiful. Hope she has a great time as well=D

Jess said...

Kay, just for the record, Mom took the picture but the pink lilies in the first pic are from my garden. I know it is hard to believe.