28 August 2009

End of summer

ca. 1976ca. 1979
ca. 1998
Anyone know where we can find a good sunflower field in which to stick our kids and take pictures? Jess and I may be getting too old for this.

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Dawn Mason said...

So cute! I remember seeing the first two when I was a kid and wishing I could have been in the shot. Sunflower fields always make me happy.

I remember Dad having some sunflower plots on the way between Brookings and Hendrum. We would always stop and "check" them when we were coming home from Grandma's. It was sooooo boring to wait for Dad to finish. But one time Deron had a superball with him and he, Mom and I all got out of the car and played superball on the deserted highway in front of the sunflowers. That's one of my favorite memories.