14 October 2008


I like mushrooms. Mostly, I like the idea of a little mushroom house, like the Smurfs had. La la lalalala… Anyway, out at the lake this weekend I was very excited to find a wide variety of beautiful, enthusiastic mushrooms growing in the in-laws yard.
Big wet mushroom pile. For mushroom surfers.
Little umbrella, for gnomes to hide under.
Pretty white shelfy shell type mushrooms. For fairies to walk up.
Leaning mushroom. For the Pisans.
Look at this! How fancy, thick and foldy. I really like taking pictures of the underbelly of mushrooms, I guess.

More underbellies. These are the most phallic of the bunch, but they are also the color of caramels. Hm. Maybe I shouldn't've said either of those things out loud.

This one is my very favorite. Look! It's a turtle! No, it's a mushroom! It also sort of resembles an over-roasted marshmallow. Who on earth has seen a mushroom like this before? (I know, probably lots of people. I don't care).

Here's my turtle mushroom's underbelly. See? Perfect size for a Smurf house. Now who wants to come over for some smurflate cake?


Dawn Mason said...

That was fun!

Ed said...

I like this blog.

sara whitney said...

I would totally live in a mushroom house. But wait... who gets to be Smurfette?

Tenessa said...

I know a very nice man who is a thirtysomething mushroom scientist. He travels across North America studying mushrooms. I mean, I knew SOMEBODY must study mushrooms at some point, but I never really considered it a profession for people like me. Crazy, no?