07 October 2008


As part of our campaign to keep V from being that kid at school who teaches all the other kids the bad words, we've been trying to get her to use less...um...vulgar language. Goofus or doofus are two examples, and they seem to be getting at least as much play as the Seven Words You Can't Say on Television. There are other issues, too, though. The other day, when Shaun dropped her off at school, he heard three excited little girls call out "V!" One of them asked "What did you have for breakfast?" My daughter, who has eaten a vegetable for breakfast every day of her weaned life, who also enjoys toast and waffles and sometimes fruit in the morning, said, "I had a bowl of sticky eyes." And then they all laughed and laughed.
So maybe you guys all figured we'd have a weird kid before she was even conceived, but I'm still getting used to it.Goofus.

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Megan said...

Charming. That's what the lingo is. Not weird, strange, or otherwise.

Someday, many years from now, when she has a little one of her own, she'll enjoy hearing all of this more than she could ever imagine.

Sticky eyes for breakfast. It goes right along with our "sauce-sauce" (oatmeal), "apes" (grapes), and the "byah" (vitamin). By the way, gummy bear vitamins are a hit even with daddies!

Thanks for the input on the camera business, too!