31 October 2008

So Jesus, Medusa, and Buzz Lightyear with an alien head walk into a bar...

Six weeks ago, V proclaimed that she wanted to be Buzz Lightyear for Halloween. Luckily, Tenessa had a Buzz Lightyear costume lying around, so that was easy. Then, a couple of weeks ago, V and I were in a thrift store, and she found a mask, put it on, and walked around saying "I am an alien" in a low, freaky voice. It made everyone at the thrift store laugh, so we bought it, if only to entertain ourselves. But then V decided she needed to wear the mask for Halloween, too. Rather than change her plan, she adapted, and decided she'd be Buzz Lightyear with an alien head. Behind her is, um, Jesus. Well, it's Shaun dressed as Jesus. Perhaps I should explain a bit. See, Shaun's main priority in Halloween costuming is ease. For example, the first time I had a conversation with him was at a Halloween party in my apartment, and he had taken a ballpoint pen and drawn a swastika on his head, transforming himself into Charles Manson. Last year, he went as a guy in a funny yellow suit, because he happened to have that in his closet. So I turned to him about a couple of weeks ago and said, "You know, you kinda look like Jesus, with your long hair and long beard." And this year's Halloween costume was born.
I...I worry that folks will find this offensive, but if you know Shaun, you understand the spirit this was meant in. So I'll just leave it at that.

As per the post title, I was Medusa. Earlier today, as we were getting ready to go out, I told V I had to put some snakes in my hair.
"Snakes? Can't you do something else?"
"Why?" She's never been afraid of snakes before, and I couldn't understand what her issue could be.
"I don't like snakes. Isn't there something else?"
"Well, no. I'm Medusa, and she had snakes for hair."
"Maybe you could be Jessie"(the cowgirl from ToyStory 2).
"I don't have a cowgirl hat."
"You could get one."
At this point, she was almost pleading, which is really odd. Suddenly, I realized what she was thinking.
"Oh, honey, I'm not going to use REAL snakes."
"You aren't?" She seems incredulous, and full of relief.
"No! Here, look. Just little plastic snakes."
"Oh, okay. You can do that then."

So I did.


Megan said...

Love it! Here's what I want to know though: Where on earth did $haun find that robe? Or did some handywoman make it for him ;)

Linda said...

LOVE the snake story! I missed last year's post with the yellow suit. That is great.

Deron Arnold said...

It would be interesting to hear the reactions Shaun got as he went trick or treating from door to door.

V looks pretty brave. The boys will not wear anything that goes over their face.

And I think V's costume would have scared them! :)