05 November 2007

What's the buzz?

Here are our Halloween Delights: Once she got into this costume, she kept saying "Buzzzzzzz!" to nearly every question. We took her to the Civic Center, where police, firemen, and EMT people, among others, handed out candy, most of which she is too little to eat (like laffy taffy and root beer hard candies and lots of bubble gum). There was a DJ and a light show and a lot of inflatable things to jump in, none of which she was very into.

She did like a few of the pumpkin games, with the lanes of hay. She puttered around and laughed and looked cute. Mostly, though, she wanted to look behind the inflatable things or hide out behind the ambulance, dancing with her zoot-suited daddy.

I cannot tell you how much it delighted me that Shaun dressed up. He came went upstairs and came down dressed up: I was totally surprised. I assumed that if he did anything for Halloween, he'd draw a swastika on his head and go as Charles Manson, as usual. So this was quite the improvement. Someone at the Halloween Bash said of us "Oh, he's in yellow, she's in black, and they made a bumble bee." This color coordination was not intentional, but it gave me HUGE amounts of joy. (I can't help it that I'm a dork.)

I get overwhelmed by groups of people and unstructured time, so this whole shin-dig got a bit irritating to me after about half an hour, but Shaun and V had a great time, esp. with this funny little basketball game.

Afterward, we only went to one house, the Jensen's, so V doesn't have a real feel for what Halloween's all about, but she does yell "CANDY!" several times a day now. It's much, much less cute than it sounds.

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