03 September 2010

Back to School, year III

This should be old news, really. I mean, she did it last year, and the year before. This year, though, with all our family excitement, she started a couple days late (which helped increase her enthusiasm, somehow). And she was in a hurry, so we couldn't take a photo on the front steps like the last 2 years (which is the whole point! of yearly photos! in the same place! dammit!).
So here she is in front of her school, in her "Music is my Life" t-shirt that her daddy and I bought her in Vegas. She loves this t-shirt, she told me, "because it's true, and it's shiny!"

Here's a mediocre photo of the new backpack: V picked the fabric, and the interior is quite a contrast, but I don't have a picture of that right this minute. The outside is upholstry weight I bought at Mill End in St. Cloud in 2005, (and made her some pants from) and some random scrap of turquoise that I needed to do the bottom and the straps (and the V) since I ran out of the pink. The inside's quilting cotton. The zipper is something I removed from a leather jacket I cut up to make shoes, so it's nice and heavy duty and turquoise.

Someday I should do a post on how to make a backpack, but if you google "backpack tutorials" you'll probably get more for your money. I just make it up as I go, and sometimes it goes smoothly, and sometimes it breaks my brain.

At any rate, the first two days of school have gone very smoothly: I don't know what she'll learn this year, since she already knows how to read, but I'm sure excited to find out.

I hope this year ends up being true, and very shiny.

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jess said...

How does multiplication grab you? We've got lots to do, I promise you that.