06 September 2010


Tomorrow, V Elizabeth will be five. She loves to swim, tell knock knock jokes, and dance. She loves her family, and making up songs, and Alice in Wonderland, and pickle sandwiches. She wants to be with her Mama a lot, and likes to lick the beaters, and sometimes hides under the couch cushions until we sit on her. She loves to read, and watch television, and just got her own XBox profile today; she loves to run as fast as she can, always holds my hand in the parking lot, and doesn't complain too much when she's served vegetables. She is quick-tempered and kind and smart and ours, and we are very lucky indeed.

Happy birthday, Baby V. I hope five is even better than four.


Mink*e said...

Happy birthday, V!
I love having five-year-olds. My favorite age so far, truly.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, V. What a great day, a great age, wonders to come. Love to your entire, extended family. Your Mom will explain what that means!

Aunt Shirley