03 September 2010


I really do love taking pictures. I love capturing a moment on film (or digitally), and I love how a photo can bring back a memory (or even help me maintain a memory).
But I am ridiculously cheap. I mean, it's pretty silly. Spending a large amount of money on myself, especially, is not easy, unless it's for travelling, or education (I had little trouble going $20K into debt for college and grad school, for example). But clothes? I bought one $7 shirt last year, and kept it in the bag for two weeks because I felt guilty, and thought I should return it. In the end I didn't, because it's flattering and great for work, but it wasn't easy for me, because on Mondays at Saver's I can get seven shirts for that amount of money.
Mercy, though, I like taking pictures. As Shaun says, "You fancy yourself a shutterbug." I just love learning the tricks of an individual camera, and figuring out how to make it record exactly what I want.
These two attributes of mine, my cheapness and my shutterbuggery, are somewhat opposed, though. Our first digital camera, bought just after V was born, was small and sweet, and fun. But it wore out. Our next one was a spare my in-laws had, when there was a Christmas overlap gift of a digital camera. I'm still using that one, but it's getting more and more difficult to turn on: I lick the batteries, I press buttons, I whisper sweet nothings in its camera-ear; nothing seems to do it. (Can I get camera viagra anywhere?)

At the same time we got the in-laws cameras, Myra got a hand-me down Nikon from some dear friends who were upgrading.  I acquisitioned it, since I am the family member most skilled in improvsing repairs: It needed the battery closure to be held shut with duct tape, and I'm more than happy to duct tape anything, especially if it means I get a decent camera out of the deal.

Now, though, that battery door has come off completely, and it's just a huge production to try to make even one photograph happen in either camera. I've been using Jess and Brad's Olympus OM 35mm,and I really love it, truly. At the same time, now I've got film and development to worry about, and I have to pay extra to get the photo CD in case there's anything worth sharing online....

So I'm starting, regretfully, to be in the market for a new camera. My sister has an amazing, breathtaking, ridiculously fancy camera that would make photos of Shaun's toenails look like art. I'm not sure we can afford such a camera, but perhaps then we should save up until we can. I love the idea of a digital SLR.

Dear readers, have you any suggestions? Is digital photography so last year? Should I invest in $1000 camera if it means forgoing potential dental work for a year? What's a reasonable amount and what are minimums you look for in a digital camera? Or, contrarily, if you've got a digital camera to give away, or to sell real cheap, I'll be more than happy to take one off your hands. I promise to give it a good home.


Charlotte said...

Invest!! You will NOT regret it, I promise!! Look for bundles and buy online, you will get a great deal and most sites offer free shipping on that sorta stuff!

Jess said...

I would have to agree with Charlotte. You deserve it, really you do. If I could buy you one I would.

Lesley said...

I friggin' love the picture of V kicking. I'm not sure whose butt she's kickin', but I know she's not taking any prisoners, and I like that.