14 July 2011

A Fairly Good Time

I have an unhealthy fondness for carnival signs. These are outside the ferris wheel, and illustrate that a ride on it costs $4. And also that you have to be over 42"tall to ride it without a parent or guardian. I would like both of them outside my house.
It was a perfect, perfect day for the fair: sunny but not too hot, with a nice little breeze. Of course everyone else thought so, too, so we had to wait in a few little lines, but it was worth it.
My sweet fairmates.
From the top of the bigger of the two Ferris Wheels. Our sweet little fair makes me happy.
V recommends the Tornado. Shaun and I do not, and Shaun especially suggests that if you have heart failure of any type, you sit this one out.
Even if your darling daughter blinks her steel blue eyes at you from behind her oversized sunglasses.
It was a really, really good day.

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Sam Kaiser said...

Best mother daughter photo with the oversized frames.